Friday, October 9, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy #1

The Pandemic has hit many of us very hard and it has affected our mental health. Some more than others. I am one of those people who already started out with unstable mental health and now I am in the pit of absolute despair. I am not at liberty to go into the details of the history of this, but suffice to say that I am struggling to find any kind of joy in my life. Things that once made me happy are beyond what I am capable of doing, accessing, or participating in. 

There are some big changes coming up in my life, but I realize that in order to handle those changes, I am going to have to start with changing me. Which is why I've made the decision to actively search for the things that bring me joy, because I miss them. And maybe once I've found them, then I can start to be more mindful about my own happiness and how I can take care of myself. 

The holiday seasons can be a very dangerous time for finding joy, because we are reminded of so much of the bad. I, though, am going to try to find the joy through the holidays and what I used to love more than anything... theme. I love "theme" and calendars and all sorts of things like that. So tomorrow I am going to dive in.

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