Saturday, October 31, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Halloween 2020


Halloween was weird this year. We have up some decorations, but it just doesn't feel right. So I'm trying to make today "joyful."

The morning we all kind of had our own little things to do. I ended up watching The Blair Witch Project and then followed it with Paranormal Activity.

My daughter put on her dragon costume from last year and it still fit her!

I made a basic lunch of chicken nuggets and Cheetos Mac n' Cheese.

I spent a good chunk of the day checking the front patio for packages that never came. My husband then reminded me that so many post offices had been told not to deliver mail or to sit on mail, etc. That broke my heart for so many personal and political reasons. 

I decided to be creative for dinner and I made Mummies in a Sand Storm (mummy hot hogs and rice-a-roni). 

After dinner, I received a notification that my bloodwork results had come back. I went to read through them and saw that one of my numbers was low, which indicated anemia. I wasn't sure why, but I got out my iron supplements that I hadn't taken and I took one. Within two hours I felt more focused and ready to do things. So I wonder if some of what I'm going through is related to having anemia.

I just hung out most of the evening and I actually worked on my calendar. Between having some caffeine and taking the iron supplement and the Cider Vinegar gummy, I was getting all sorts of stuff done.

This entry is wonky, but it was a wonky day for me. Not a normal Halloween, but we had a good one as a family and, no, we didn't go trick-or-treating like so many people in our community.

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