Monday, October 12, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy #4


Today didn't start out the best. It's been an uphill battle to be happy, but most importantly to find the energy. The weather is a dreary, rainy, windy fall day. One of my medications just upped its doze to a full pill. I really wanted to have some caffeine, but apparently caffeine isn't recommended with my current medication. 

After getting myself out of bed, I went downstairs and made some homemade biscuits and gravy for my husband for breakfast. My daughter enjoyed the biscuits with apple jelly. 

Then I had an idea to make a new fleece poncho for lounging and my husband came with me out to JoAnn Fabrics. I bought some Marvel fleece and blue fleece for the other side. I don't know if I'm going to attempt a hood again or not. I made a Star Wars one a few years ago, which I still love, but during a visit from the in-laws, the hood was accidentally ripped off and I never fixed it. I don't consider myself a very craft person, even though I've got lots of craft stuff. 

While we were there, I also purchased a bunch of cute halloween craft packs for my daughter and to gift in a Halloween Box to an iggle or two. 

Then we were able to order from China One and get a lunch combo plate, which I was so excited about. And I went to Walgreens and got some cards for the iggle card swap. Earlier today I expressed being sad that I missed the card swap and a bunch of my iggle-angels reached out to me. So it was exciting to get the messages while I was out and could get some fun things and cards for them. 

Also at Walgreens were these Apple Pie Kit Kats! Nummy!

When we arrived home, I was so excited about a pair of sock of I bought at JAF that I got myself and my daughter registered for the Festival Turkey Trot - Home Edition! So we'll be Turkey Trotting from home. I'm assuming we'll be at my mom's this year, so we'll trot around her lake path twice with the dog. 

Somewhere around 2PM, I decided I was tired of feel tired, so I drank my SF-Rock Star and, oh my goodness, within an hour I was feeling so much better and capable of doing things!

My husband finally asked our friend about a Halloween One-Shot for D&D and he agreed. Then we all started making characters.  My character's name is Stash and they are a halfling rogue.

Friend Jim also made a halfling wizard named Jilri Whispermouse, but my husband just had to be crazy weird and made a Human Yuan-Ti named Bazhlissh who is also good! WHAT! I'll allow it. If he's having fun, so be it. My daughter, though, will have to wait to make her character. She was busy working on perler beads and she still needs to be coached and supported while making her characters.
Because I was super charged, I was doing all sorts of things. I was working on the Halloween cards I was going to swap with my iggles. I decided to find a print-and-play game to put into the cards. So I'm include Dixit in their cards. I'm so excited about it!

Then I was browse shopping on Etsy. I was actually looking at my calendar and wanting to get myself organized again. It's just so hard, because it reminds me of work and I'm trying to distance myself from that.

After some browsing and working, I called my mom to see if she needed anything. Apparently her dishwasher now broke. This woman has troubles everyday with something somewhere breaking or needing to be fixed. It's just so weird. So she was telling me about that, but also that the "high" of the chemo drugs is wearing off and she's in pain. I told her I'd be down soon and to keep me posted. So I'll be calling tomorrow. She did, though, get the mini-electric frying pan I sent her! She loved it.

Finally, I started to lose a little pep. I was determined to find my copy of Duma Key by Stephen King. My husband insisted that I didn't have a copy and I was looking to buy one, but the paperback was so expensive! I looked at my library, but they'd have to request it from a different library. So I looked at some other books. Thought I'd try reading The Outsider by Stephen King again, especially after I saw Let it Bleed by Stephen King had a short story sequel to the book. I had resigned myself to let Duma Key go, until I checked the cabinet next to our bed and sure enough... there sat the copy I bought when I was in Edinburgh. Even had the pounds sterling amount on the back. I just didn't realize how thick the book was, but I was being pulled to read it again. So I got out my book light and started reading.  I had fallen out of reading a few years into being a teacher. There just wasn't much joy in it for me. So reading this book will hopefully help pull me out of wherever my mind has gone.

Overall, it was a good day. I had my moments of sadness and regret, but I had no panic attacks and could actually do things. It took enormous amounts of effort to do those things, but I did them.

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