Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2019 - Day 5: The Quest for El Dorado

It's official. He has finally gotten the official deets. So while he guessed it the other day, tonight he started making the stronger connections.

Traveling West Around the World.

Granted, it gets a bit locationally sketchy at a certain point, but that's ok.  But today's game was a treat. I didn't realize he had never played it, but I've played it a few times. A friend taught me. It's a deck builder and you have to move across a modular landscape to get to El Dorado. Fun opportunities and it really came down to the wire. If I  hadn't pulled the 6 canoe card he would have taken the whole game. My husband is already planning on other scenarios to try to figure out new and exciting strategies.

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