Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2019 - Day 3: King of New York

Oh boy! Another New York game! This is really freaking my husband out now. He racking his brain trying to come up with the theme of the calendar. The one game he knows about that is on the calendar is throwing everything off for him. What he has come to learn is that the theme is not "New York." MWAHAHAHAHA!

But King of New York was quite a bit of fun. I love the way it changes King of Tokyo. The blowing up of buildings and military is pretty neat. This particular game literally came down to a few stars. We were neck and neck and then my turn came up and I trounced him by getting to 20, but I also reduced his monster to zero! So evil of me. Take that Panda! Don't go up against an angry Gingerbread Man!

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