Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2019 - Day 4: Ticket to Ride New York

I think it's really unfair that my husband figured it out tonight. He just kept throwing out ideas and ideas and ideas and it was more of one of those "if you throw enough slime at the wall, something will eventually stick." Kind of made me feel bad. And what was even sadder was that we can't even talk about it. I couldn't even really explain things. And then I have all these subsets of the overall theme and some of them might have gotten messed up. I'm just genuinely bummed. I know he liked the constant guessing, but I liked it, too. Ah well. At least he's excited about the theme, but now I feel like he'll be disappointed going forward, because he listed tons of games that aren't even on my list! But we have over 400 games and I could only choose 30 and I have parameters. 

Everything, though, starts in New York! And tonight was the last of the New York games. My husband and I played this at GenCon and at the time it was a miserable experience. I was having a mild anxious panic attack while demoing the game and the two people we were with made me feel uncomfortable and just... it wasn't an ideal situation. But I love Ticket to Ride. It's like my totes jam! So I bought it just for this calendar and we played. It is a really fast play and before my husband knew it, I was out of cars. I had two big tickets and easily made a long line between the four locations. It was perfect. Purple for the Win! 

He is loving his calendar, though. Getting to play games with me really makes him happy. Merry Christmast, right?

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