Saturday, June 30, 2018

Potter'ohns - Harry Potter Macarons by [ma-ka-rohn]

 An advertisement popped up on my Instagram. This is very dangerous for me, because I almost bought my husband the gauntlet ring and I bought my coworker a custom Lego Sports guy. For shame. Then... as if I didn't need any more temptation during this insane Keto-hating moment in my life... an advertisement for Potter'ohns drew me to order the sugar.

They arrived at my door nicely packaged and, thank goodness, safe after the beating the post office gave the package (even though it said fragile!).

I immediately opened up the box and started my picture taking. (It was preserved with wonderful ice packs and a cooling bubble wrap envelope.)

There is one cookie for each house and they each have a unique flavor. I ordered one cookie of each house for each of us.

Hufflepuff - Chocolate Frog
My husband and I needed some chocolate and this delivered just that. Very tasty.
Fearless about chocolate!

Ravenclaw - Fizzing Whizbees
At first we weren't sure what was up, but then the fizzing took over. We wished there had been more fizzing and a little more flavor.
I tried to look quizzical and intellectual. haha!

Slytherine - Polyjuice Potion
This was definitely our favorite. A citrus filling really hit the spot on this summer day. I know it was supposed to be sour apple, but whatever it was...Deviously delicious! Warning: Did not transform.
Didn't know what I'd turn into!

Gryffindor - Butter Beer
Saving our most anticipated for last. I mean, hello... who isn't addicted to all things Butter Beer if you are into Harry Potter? It was a nice butterscotch flavor that really made the whole package a complete Harry Potter experience.

Cheers to inspired foods that make our days just a little brighter.

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