Friday, June 22, 2018

5 Fandom Friday - Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

Awe man! Apps were something I could live without, but recently I've found a few that I absolutely adore and use on a daily basis.

Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

1. Daylio
I love this app, because I'm able to track my moods and assign specific labels to what is causing them. It helps me to remove myself from stressful situations and really think about what is triggering me to feel horrible, depressed, or just completely nonfunctional and what kinds of things make me feel good and able to handle things.  I really recommend it if you're wanting to help remove stress from your life or are looking for ways to tap into the things that bring happiness to you. I've been using it for over a month and it's been amazing!

2. FitBit Tracker/MyFitnessPal
If you have a FitBit, I'd assume you use the app, but I shouldn't assume that about people. I love using it, because I can track other things on-the-go and I can compete in step competitions with friends. It ties into MyFitnessPal, so I kind of use the two simultaneously in order to track my health stats for eating, macros, and physical fitness. Good times!

3. Zombies, Run!/CastBox
Another one that goes with the other for me, at least. I've been trying to catch-up on Critical Role and I can't really sit and watch YouTube or even just have it going in the house while I work, so I've had to go Podcast. I know it's not the best format for catching-up on Critical Role, but it's the one I have. So I listen to it when I'm working out. While I listen, I run Zombies, Run! It breaks into the podcast, because I can listen to an external app for music or whatever. What I love the most about it is that when you play Zombies, Run! you pick up items for the your township while you're running and it just speaks over my podcast, so while the people on Critical Role are doing their stuff, I'll hear "found a pack of underwear" or "found a book." Sometimes... the finding an item matches up so hilariously with the podcast that I almost cry from laughing so hard. Good stuff that makes my hour and a half workout pretty great!

4. Pokemon GO!
I am embracing this, purely because it has become something my daughter and I do together. In the summer, we poke-hunt together. I get her to go on long walks out in the fresh air and we travel for 3-4 miles around our small town checking in at stops and catching Pokemon. We take turns and sometimes, when I'm out doing my walks without her, I'll make sure the hit-up the pokestops for her so that we can get supplies.  It's a me and her thing, just like playing the CCG and the DS games. My husband always rolls his eyes at us.

5. Instagram
I think I'd just like to point out that I don't go picture-posting-crazy on here, but I find scrolling through brings me more peaceful happiness and connection to things I like than Twitter or Facebook do. There's no political things or people being jerks, etc. It's just people sharing their awesome moments or cool pics of games or my favorite actress posts all her neat traveling adventures. Yeah. Anyways. Cliche, but I've come to really like it.

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