Friday, June 29, 2018

5 Fandom Fridays - 5 Fictional Characters I Most Identify With

(Republished from 5/29/2015)

5 Fictional Characters I Most Identify With

1. Frodo Baggins
I identify with the burden he bears. Sometimes it feels like too much and you just want to give up, but then you have a trusty Sam to keep pushing you forward. Plus there's that love of adventure and wanting to go on a journey. You hear all these stories and you want to live it, too.

2. Wesley Crusher
Just like Wesley is overlooked and ignored or treated like he's in the way, I, too, feel that way and identify with it. I'm not an idiot and even though I'm "new" in my positions in life, I am still incredibly good at what I do, but sometimes you're overlooked because of being weird, irritating, or whatever. He's a kid. . . he's awkward! I'm just overall socially awkward and have a childish streak. I feel for him, because I sympathize with him.

3. Leslie Knope
I identify with her need to constantly keep doing good, despite the people you're doing it for don't always care and you feel like you're constantly working against things. I also totes associate with her geekiness, despite what other think of it. GIRL POWER!

4. Codex
This was a character that really put into perspective to me who I was and what I needed to learn about myself. I didn't have all the guild issues or romantic problems and I'm definitely not as hot as Felicia Day, but her geek struggle and her girl struggle and her emotional issues trouble were all understandable.  Use this link to see my favorite vlog scene.

5. Professor Keating
So many Literacy teachers want to be able to say they identify with Professor Keating. I mean, seriously. . . he's amazing. What I find hilarious is that I actually teach like him. I use humor as my tool to inspire and motivate. When I watched the clip, I laughed because that's what I do. To fewer laughs, though, because middle schoolers are a bit tougher to entertain than high schoolers, because they are way more reluctant and insecure. It's all good, though. I at least work in a community where free-thinking is encouraged and not hindered.


  1. OMG! Frodo! It's funny 'coz I chose Bilbo! And Wesley Crusher! So good memories from Star Trek TNG!


  2. Ah, Codex, I can't believe that I forgot about her!