Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Joy of Gaming - Valentine's Edition Night 3


Some people think I'm weird for loving Valentine's Day, but it's not necessarily due to all the love and flowers and candy. When I was a child, my parents and godparents would always take my brother and I to Chicago for the weekend. We'd go to the museum or aquarium and then some sort of dinner theater, like Medieval Times. The hotel would always have a pool. It was just the coolest thing. So I always remember the gift shops having Valentine's stuff and it was everywhere. So it always represents a happy time of year for me, at least in my memories.

Also, my grandfather's brother would always send me a Valentine's card and he would always put Saint Valentine's Day. He was a devout Catholic and always took the time to make sure we knew the origin of the day. Some have said this is the day that was made up to sell cards, but that was actually Sweetest Day.

Additionally, my Anniversary with my husband is on February 20, so... there's that.

So here is Evening 3 of my Valentine's Week of Love Games.

The Mysterious One: Fog of Love
Jacob Jaskov had the right idea making a game about love that a husband and wife could play together. We enjoyed playing our own little characters and dramatically sharing our scenes. It had that little bit of an RPG edge that I've been missing since we've scaled back our RPG play. Really glad I finally purchased it.

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