Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Joy of Gaming - Ice and Mice and Mystics

We were hit with an ice storm and it became a day of canceled school for both myself and my daughter. We didn't get to play Mice and Mystics over the weekend, because my daughter was visiting with her Meemaw, so I took the opportunity today to catch up. We're stuck on Chapter 3, because the final battle is rough!

I love playing this. I'm Filch the Scamp. Until the scenario says Filch cannot be part of it... I will be Filch. I even have a hoodie I like to wear when I play him. It feels silly, but in a good way and my daughter seems to get a kick out of it. Plus we sometimes like to voice our characters if the mood is right. So fun.  My daughter loves Lily and Collin. I'm a fan of Nez and... hmm... I'm not really sure who my husband prefers, but he takes whoever is left. Could be Nez or Maginos or Tilda.

It's been great to play as a family and has that easy RPG feel that I really like since we're in-between out Marvel TSR scenarios.

Mice and Mystics (2012)
This cooperative play game provides each player with a character and, together, you play through story scenarios in the book that accompanies the game. Each mission is laid out for you, so it's really easy to pick up and play. There are even wonderful story set-ups to read (accents and voices recommended) and you try to complete the story. There are encounter cards and items to search for. Battles, movement, and searching are all done through dice rolls. Be careful with those rolls, though, because while I want to roll cheese, when the enemies roll cheese it'll be added to a wheel that could mean added pressure and more villains. Choose the right combination of mice for each mission and defeat the evil Vanestra and her minions!

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