Monday, February 12, 2018

The Joy of Gaming - Valentine's Edition Night 1

I love Valentine's Day. There are many personal reasons for why I love Valentine's Day, but let me just say it's not about the roses and diamonds and the like. It's totally personal. Yet, when it comes to themes, I do like a holiday to give what I do a little extra sparkle.

Since I'm finally investing myself in gaming again, I decided to attempt to plan a little V-Day game night-week-weekend type thing. So of course, I started looking for Valentine's Day games for us to play. What I found was just a long list of 2-player games to play with your Significant Other. And if it was love, it was Love Letter. I was really disappointed with what I was finding.

So I decided to do some of my own research and look for games that were at least 2-player, were not party games, and also had "love" type something as a theme or something like that. I made a list on BoardGameGeek, but then I realized I needed to have some fun with it.

So here is Evening 1 of my Valentine's Week of Love Games.

The Cliche: Love Letter
We absolutely love this game. Pack in a purse and pass the time away whenever you're stuck waiting. We have a few different versions, but we still love the traditional. Even got the little custom hearts instead of just the red pieces.

The Trick: Woo
I am terrible at trick-taking games. This one came in our Pack-o-Games 2 from Chris Handy. I really liked it, even though I was thoroughly trounced by my husband. But we both agreed, it was just so romantic wooing each other. Teehee.

Despite my losing both games, love was still in the air. 

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