Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Joy of Gaming - Valentine's Edition Night 2

I think my husband is on to me after last night. So tonight I'm going a little bigger, because tomorrow I have something else planned. Poor guy had to, short notice, plan to play one of the games. I'm just glad it worked out tonight and I hope it doesn't become overwhelming as we go into the rest of the week.

See, my husband loves playing games and it's something that has always been very special for us. He can play games all day every day, but I can't. So as I went through some personal things the last two years, I fell out with gaming a bit. I was really into RPG and switched to writing, but after some talk, we started a schedule just to get back some sort of semblance of shared game time. Lucky for him, it's been good and it's fitting well into my own life.

So I thought this would be a really fun thing to do for the two of us during Valentine's Day. My only concern is the evening dedication, but so far it is going very well.

So here is Evening 2 of my Valentine's Week of Love Games.

The Sensitive One: ...and then, they held hands
 We did not win this time... it got rough in that inner circle and we couldn't make the move to get the last emotion. It plays quick and is so much fun.

The Pragmatic One: The Pursuit of Happiness
This worker placement went rather quickly and was something quite enjoyable to play on a work night. Sadly.. despite definitely dying at least a day ahead of me, my husband won this one, too. My pursuit, though, was pretty great. I even had a job as a teacher!

I didn't pick this as my child trait, but I laughed that I got it.

He has his collection...                                         I have my RPG.

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