Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2018 - Day 25: Flick 'em Up!

Flick 'em Up! is a game my daughter and I chose for my husband for.. Father's Day? Maybe? Could have been his birthday... Bottom line... it was a LOOOOOOONNNNGGG time ago. If I haven't said it before, I love how my calendar got quite a few games to the table that were new and that we haven't played before, but also got some old and favorites. My husband was thrilled to play a few of these with me. I'm starting to wonder what I can do for him for January, even though... well... we're getting into a pretty insane part of the school year.

Scratch that... every part of a school year is insane.

Flick 'em Up was an absolute thrill to play. I started out by learning it with my club kids, who adored it. I thought it would be a great game to play on Christmas Day, because my mom could handle it. Sadly, that didn't happen (back-dated entry), but we played it Wednesday. It was new to my daughter and she started getting frustrated when she felt she wasn't flicking the pieces good enough. My husband and I are pretty decent at this kind of game, but it was her first time. Luckily, despite my epic win against the two of them, she had fun and I think we'll be able to break this out a bit more and play some more scenarios.

Sidenote: I bought my husband Flick 'em Up!: Dead of Winter, because... Dead of Winter... zombies... you know... that kinda thing.

See that guy to the side on his back... yeah... my winning flick.

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