Sunday, November 17, 2019

November 2019 Thankfulness List - Day 17

Cliche, right? But I am honestly thankful for my pets. They drive me nuts, but I also need them. We have a beagle who was a runt, so she is very genetically flawed. She's short and stumpy and has tons of mouth and ear problems. She's our third beagle and my daughter and I were sort of suckered into taking her. We went to look at little beagle puppies after my best-friend Archie passed away. Losing Archie was the hardest thing for me, because... well... we tried so hard to save him and I felt responsible for the problems, even though I wasn't. He had been through so much, but Archie was my buddy... and I was suffering heavily under the weight of his abscense.

So playing to my emotional state, the guy who was running the dog place made a big show of the little girl dog runt and we ended up taking her. Oh goodness has she been a trip. We joke endlessly that it's like having a little pot belly pig. She makes all sorts of just gutteral and weird noises. But boy is she cheeky. We named her Lessa after a character in a book series my husband and I enjoy.

Our other dog was a real shocker of a purchase. I don't know how, but my husband and I ended up at a dog rescue on Christmas Eve and we were looking at puppies. It was snowing outside and everything. We looked at one dog that I saw on the listing first. We really liked him, but we wanted to see the other dog, too. Well... let's just say the dog I went there for was the dog that was perfect for us. I have a feeling he was the baby of the litter, too. But the minute he curled up in my daughter's lap we were sold. This amazing dog became Logan. He is my new buddy. We talk and cuddle and everything.

These two bring so much joy into our life and always have a surprise or two in store to make us laugh. Do they have their naughty moments? Oh goodness yes, but they are the absolute best. I love them so very much and I am so happy I found them. They are unique and make my heart soar.

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