Wednesday, November 13, 2019

November 2019 Thankfulness List - Day 13

I love hugs. I think some people underestimate how important a hug can be. I read somewhere that just one genuine hug a day can really help with all sorts of problems: stress, depression, loneliness, etc.  And I love them. I don't feel I always get enough of them, but getting a hug and being the one to give the hug are two different things.

So today I was reminded about how much a hug can really be meaningful.

Everyday one of my students hugs me and the other sixth grade teachers on our floor. She just comes right up to us and gives us a big hug. I was hesitant at first when she started doing this, but honestly... I miss being able to hug my students. I used to work in elementary school and the little kids just need those hugs - probably for the same reason I do... we don't get them at home or enough to really make us feel the safety of what it means. But I gave into this student and everyday I look forward to my end of day hug. It literally brings joy to my heart and it has really affected quite a few things about me as a teacher.

We don't always realize the importance of such little things in our lives until they're brought right in front of us. And this one student reminds me everyday of how important having that one moment can be. If I'm lucky, I might be two hugs.

I wish there were more hugs at home. My husband is not a big hugger. I try to hug my daughter often, but she's in that weird independent age where it's like "maaaaaaam..." But oh well. I take what I can get. But hugs really are one of the best things in the world.

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