Tuesday, August 18, 2015

IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Solo Photo Scavenger Hunt

1. Favorite Writing Instrument

2. Camp Stickers

3. Camp Snack

4. Cool Stick
Ok... see that stick dangling there all renegade? Yea... I like that stick. HANG ON BROTHA!

5. Show off something you made.

6. What is the one thing you NEED to take with you to camp?

7. Something Green

8. Gather Four Different Kinds of Leaves

9. What does it look like outdoors where you live?

10. Favorite Piece of Geeky Clothing
Didn't say it had to be on me. Her shirts are images taken by the Hubble Telescope and are totally gorgeous! Love it!

11. Spell Out IGGPPC With Objects

12. Show yourself participating in a camp activity.
Filming for the Iggle Blair Witch Movie
13. Flashlight

14. Camp Outfit
My shirt, some gold and my glasses. Sure there are shorts down below, but I'm ready for a party!

15. Nature!

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