Monday, August 17, 2015

IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Camp Reading Game

1. Read with a child - We read with our daughter almost every night. Today her Ranger Rick, Jr. arrived in the mail and we read through it and she worked on her spelling and word recognition. Good times!

2. Super Hero Comic Book - I read Ms. Marvel, again, as part of the Comic Book Bootcamp Day 1.

3. Listen to an Audiobook - I'm listening to Armada by Ernest Cline (Ready, Player One) and it's read by Wil Wheaton. Seriously a fan of Wheaton's audiobooks. Started with his own publications and then I listened to him read Ready, Player One and Redshirts by Scalzi.

4. Read your favorite Kids Book - I read Calico Captive, which was one of my favorites as a kid. I remember laying in bed at night and my mom would read it aloud to me. I remember being snuggled under the covers and the big comforter and my mom was laying on her side on the left side of the bed reading it until I fell asleep. I can't remember how many times I read that book.

5. YA Novel - Calico Captive is a young adult novel. I can't wait to get it into my classroom.

6. Book with an animal on the cover - My daughter asked me to read her one of her Jurassic World books on her Kindle. She LOVES dinosaurs right now. So we read through it together.

7. Poetry - I have been rereading Shel Silverstein's Falling Up. Looking for some fun poetry pieces for Forensics this year.

8. Graphic Novel of your choice - March Book 1 by John Robert Lewis. A power graphic portrayal of one Civil Rights activist's struggle in America from his childhood through some of his most influential moments. Lewis shares the shocking details in a way that will grip young readers who are unfamiliar with the reality of what happened in our history, but also enforce the injustices suffered for those who are familiar with the events. Worth the read and a share. On to Book 2.

9. Book that deals with Diversity - March Book 1.

10. Non Superhero Comic Book - I've been participating in the Comic Book Bootcamp! Read Manifest Destiny and Lazarus. Loving the new comics. Totes inspired!

11. Goosebumps or Are you Afraid of the Dark? Book - Goosebumps #45 - Ghost Camp  I can't believe I did it! These books became really popular at the tail end of my appropriate reading age for these, so I wasn't ever really super into them. I was the Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine (um... pre-goosebumps) kid. I watched the show, though. Again, I was a little old at the time.

12. Book that takes place at camp - Goosebumps #45 - Ghost Camp. I now feel bad that I didn't read the watch-along selection.

13. Short Story #1 - The Hunter by Wil Wheaton

14. Read with a Pet - I read The Hunter with my Lessa-poos by my side. She's so cuddly and we share the bed together at night. Granted, she fell asleep while I read and snored like a chainsaw.

15. Short Story #2 - The Monster in My Closet by Wil Wheaton
After I had read The Hunter, I saw there was another short story by Wheaton, referenced in a review of The Hunter. Since I enjoyed The Hunter, I turned to this one. It was pretty twisted. The resolution was a bit too quick and could have been drawn out a little more, but the plot thread was really enjoyable.

16. Read an Essay - I read an essay about the importance of social skills to the success of students and how schools, especially for Kindergarten, should be focusing primarily on social skills and put academics more to the back burner. Social Skills are important, but social skills are life itself. School is for academics and studying. The social skills and social activities happen, but it shouldn't be the focus of school.

17. Post your pic of a book and your drink 

18. Book with a Pirate in It - As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride  It's a club book I've been meaning to finish! :-)

19. Read Outside - Finished reading As You Wish outside on the patio in my snugglie hammock!

20. Book from the Library - I checked out Fullmetal Alchemist. It was a manga I've been wanting to read and now was my opportunity. Loved it bunches and bunches. Want to keep reading!

21. Manga - Fullmetal Alchemist. I'd watched it on TV, but now I had the chance to read it!  Thanks library!

22. Book of Choice - Um.... You're Never Weird on the Internet.... because it's awesome and I've been waiting for it and literally purchased it on my kindle, hardback, and audio. I just like to have my reading bases covered!

23. Book with more than 300 pages - THE ABOVE! I mean, seriously, at this point I've been reading like a crazy person!

24. Read in your blanket fort
You can't really see us, but we were in our little blanket/table/pillow fort reading. I don't fit very well, but that's alright. Bed time stories are the best!  We've been reading My Little Pony: Pony Tales, Vol. 1.
(Picture didn't turn out and you can see certain bits that I'm not okay with....)

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