Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pac-Man Ghost Felt Stuffy

There are things that I am crafty at, because they seem to appeal to a certain aspect of my life. I love perler beads. I love Scrabble letter crafts. I think I might love crocheting, but we'll see how that goes. I like being super hands on and crafty, not having the project require my nerves to be steady.

Things I've struggled with, because they are just TOO tedious for me to focus on are stitching and sewing. . . meticulous little crafts. I can't handle all the measuring and stitching and sewing and thread types and all of that. It just becomes a bit too much and becomes incredibly overwhelming and instead of being calming and focused, it triggers that freak-out over an inability to complete the task in a positive and efficient way. I also am a terrible judge of measuring. Strangely, it is just when it comes to everything BUT cooking. I can estimate with the best of them in cooking, but not in, like... everything else. Like my perfectionism goes out the window.

Either way, the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club had their June Craft Challenge as doing a challenge in felt. I couldn't pass this up. I'd been wanting to try my hand at some felt projects. So I looked for something basic and straightforward to start with. A Pac-Man ghost! Oh yeah!

  • 1 sheet of felt (I used blue)
  • 4x2 piece of white felt
  • 2x2 piece of primary felt (I used blue)
  • thread that matches the color of the felt, or whatever color you want. Know it will show.
  • Needle
  • Fabric Glue
  • Stuffing
  • Scissors

  1. I folded over the felt, hamburger style.
  2. Trace the outline of the ghost. Use an online image to choose between a 3 or 4 legged ghost.
  3. Cut along your trace. I left the part where it was folded in tact at the top.
  4. Save the extra felt to cut the pupils for the eyes and extra stuffing.
  5. I used an Overcast Stitch around the edges, leaving a leg open flip the ghost.
  6. Flip the ghost inside out. Use your pinky or a pen to help push down the legs.
  7. Stuff with preferred stuffing.
  8. Sew up the bottom leg. Try to fold in the point of the leg so it looks rounded like the others.
  9. Knot it the best you can.
  10. Cut the white pieces into two equal eyes. They should be ovals. Trace or freehand to the best of your ability.
  11. Use fabric glue to glue them onto the front.
  12. Cut out the small pupils and place them facing the same direction.
  13. Use fabric glue to glue the pupils. 
  14. Leave to try.
  15. Enjoy!

Good luck and I hope you can make a better lookin' one than mine. More practice. More perfection.

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