Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day

When I first mentioned that today was Bastille Day, my husband was like "why are we celebrating this? We're not French." Well duuuuuuh! But my childhood included the knowledge of Bastille Days in Milwaukee, which was a 4-Day celebration of all things French, including a "Storming of the Bastille." They'd erect this giant Eiffel Tower replica in Cathedral Square. It's such a big too-doo!

Since we missed it this past weekend, I thought it would still be fun to embrace a little French-ness by having some "French food" and just having a good ol' day. Breakfast was kind of a wash, but here are some other fun things that we did.

On his way home from an appointment, my husband stopped at Arby's and got a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich! Nummmmy!

For dinner, we made a French Dip with a salad using French dressing. Not just any French dressing, but new favorite Wishbone Light Sweet and Spicy French dressing. Oh it's so nummy! Then I had trouble finding a French French wine at my store that would also be one I would drink and enjoy, so I ended up settling on a Barefoot Sweet Summer wine. Oh by was that a delicious treat! Can I just say that the Easy French Dip was a huge success for a dinner? It was easy to make and delicious. Even the calories were decent on it. Woo for the French Dip!

After our daughter went to bed, we broke out Guillotine. I actually had told Ray we should play some fun games that are French in theme or made by French design teams and we started going through our games. We had Noah and Dixit, but then I started to stretch and was like, "Do we have Ticket to Ride: Europe?", "How about that Leader 1 game? It could be like the Tour de France!" and finally I just started looking on BoardGameGeek. Something there sparked my interest and I immediately went to Amazon and saw a game I'd seen before that had been of interest to me. Guillotine.

Let the begging and groveling proceed. I begged Ray to call the local shops to see if they had it. Our go-to shop didn't carry it and said it's between printings. Oh no! My plan for a perfect French-Themed day was going to fail! Then he called our back-up and, omg, they had it! Begged my husband to come with me, a no, but my daughter came. We got the game and she was so proud to pick out and get a box of Learn to Read Batman Books.

Like I said, after our daughter went to bed, we played Guillotine. It was actually quite fun and I was glad I grabbed it. Then Ray pulled out Leader 1 and the directions were really hard to understand. So after further research, we were finally able to play. It was really a great way to end the evening. I was actually up until midnight. That's a rare thing for me. Good times.

I was even able to get a review for Meet Me at the Table out for Guillotine. It trumped the previous review scheduled for that day, but I was so ready to get it posted! It was awesome. So go check it out. Either here or on the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club.

A seriously great day that made up for our lack of geeking on Embrace Your Geekness Day. Good stuff.

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