Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs - What to Get People for Christmas


What to Get People for Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is being able to pick out SNOWY presents to give to your MAGICIANS and relatives. But it’s a problem, because you don’t want to give someone a/an CAT when they really wanted a/an MOUNTAIN.  Here are some SILVER gift ideas. I bet your mother would like a new electric FART she could use to FALL her vegetables or clean the BOOK in (the) LIBRARY. If your father likes EXPERIMENTING, he could use a new set of ELVES. If you want to get ISABELLE a present, she needs a sports MASK designed by JEFF GOLDBLUM. And RAY needs some ISLANDS to keep his HAIR warm. But no matter what you give, remember it is the CLOCK behind the gift that counts.

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