Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #6 - A Letter to Santa

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

My name is SARAH, and all year I have been a very, very good BUSH. I have been GLOSSY at school, and when my teacher asked me to SHOOT the whiteboard, I just said, “YEET!” I have not FROZE or FLEW. Not even once. And I have helped a lot of old TREASURES cross the street. Because I have been so BRIGHT, I am sure you are going to bring me a brand-new PENGUIN with ROUGH wheels. I would also like to have a/an DOORKNOB racket. And a secret microphone so I can spy on ELFIE and learn all her LARGE secrets. Well, Santa, I know you will put all these SPIKY presents in my SOCK on Christmas. Or else I will have been good for nothing.

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