Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: Junior Gamers Club (Trailblazers Day 1)

What is Junior Gamers Club?

The Junior Gamers Club Trailblazers are the older kids who come in to play. Unlike the younger kids who I consider exploring the hobby of tabletop gaming, whether they're avid players at home or not, I felt the older kids were really blazing the trail as gamers. That's why I chose this particular title, especially keeping with the Adventure theme that matches so well with the summer.

We started out with 5 kids. Then dropped down to 4. 4 of the 5 were students of mine. There was only one kid I didn't know. So... I guess... 5 is a good start? We did think we were going to have some kids from the Boys & Girls Club come out, but we're not sure what happened there. But there's still 5 more sessions!

I felt bad that the number was so low, because the shop actually opened up an hour before it normally does just for us! Ah well.

Overall, though, the gaming went really well. Our shop gal was even surprised at how "quiet" the kids were, because the games they played were so "intense." Adorable.

All the kids signed up for the club part in order to get lanyards and earn achievement pins, so all that money went into my club jar. I told the couple parents I talked to about how it's just covering the cost of everything and any extra goes towards our game club.

Our first day was full of interesting games and, like you might expect, were a bit more intense. My daughter started out the day with us, because I take her to a summer activity in the middle of our club. I based the club times around this, because we don't live in the area and it gives us something great to do.

Here is our list of games for Day 1 of the Trailblazers:

Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Island is one of the favored games whenever I share it with young people, whether in my Literacy class or in our game club. Forbidden Desert is just as popular with those who have already played Forbidden Desert. Sadly, I don't think they made it. I'm super excited for Forbidden Sky, and, honestly, so are my club kids.


My daughter wanted to teach me this and while I went through the rules, I knew she was missing some information. Sadly, it didn't go well towards the end when she realized I had totally blocked her carnivores from attacking and they weren't going to make it. She was overly tired, which was sad, because I was really enjoying the game.

Once we were done, the older kids took a stab at it and seemed to enjoy it.

Incan Gold

Another favorite whenever we bring it to club or kid events. Our copy is looking pretty shabby though. We definitely need a new one.

HEXplore It

 I've written about this one before and is the new addiction of my older kids. Created by my co-workers husband, they donated a free copy to our club, which literally made me cry. The kids are loving it.

Red 7

A simple game that I'm hoping to see hit the table more in club.

Dead Man's Draw

I think this one is going to be a club favorite next year. None of them wanted to take it out of the vault to really learn it and appreciate it. Took us two seconds to get them excited about it and they played it, like, twice! A great way to end the day.

All the kids earned a four game achievement pin and are on their way to their sixth. I love their gaming enthusiasm and that's what makes this all really worth it.

Next week, some of the kids have requested the following games (we have a binder of games to help induce induce interest for the kids).

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