Wednesday, May 16, 2018

From a Certain Point of View #3: "The Sith of Datawork"

"The Sith of Datawork" by Ken Liu

"The Sith of Datawork" is by Ken Liu who is most notable for Science Fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. A compelling work that I highly recommend picking up. His style is predominately found in short story form, but as far as the Star Wars Universe goes, he is working on one of the junior series. His is The Legends of Luke Skywalker. As our narrator, we have another Star Wars Audiobook Narrator veteran, January LaVoy. I really enjoyed the cocky-attitude she brought to the main character. It probably emphasized and jazzes up the absurdities of the Imperial Navy.

This was the first story that I struggled putting into place in the greater canon of the universe. The point it serves, though, is that even the Empire has people that are just people. It gives them a face to understand and relate to. It is essentially a political vehicle full of forms and filings and massively absurd chains of command. "The Sith of Datawork" takes an expect dataworker and shows just how adept at her job she really is. Why wasn't the escape pod shot at? Well, here is the long list of reasons why it wasn't.

"The Sith of Datawork" is a cute addition and offers a bit more comedy to break up the darkness of the first two stories.

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