Thursday, May 17, 2018

From a Certain Point of View #4: "Stories in the Sand"

"Stories in the Sand" by Griffin McElroy

"Stories in the Sand" is written by Griffin McElroy who runs a weekly comedy advice podcast called My Brother, My Brother, and Me. It appears the show was picked up to be turned into an actual television show and has had some pretty renowned guests on it.  Jonathan Davis, our narrator, is a frequent narrator for many, many, many Star Wars books. As I looked for more on him, frontman for Korn kept showing up. Do not be mislead. Jonathan Davis is an award winning narrator without dreads. Check out his body of work on Audible.

Now... on to the story that I absolutely fell in love with. A little Jawa named Jot finds a droid from a downed bounty hunter ship and on it are videos on it's memory core from the hunter's travels. Jot becomes obsessed with the data videos he deals sees from the droid and watches them relentlessly, memorizing the beautiful world beyond Tatooine. Sadly, he has to erase the videos after watching, because it's part of his job repurposing junk for sale. His obsession, though, falls on every memory core he can find and he would sit for hours on end watching the beautiful images caught on the cores.

What I loved the most was the very WALL-E-esque nature of it - this type of fantasy world of escape that you can never have. Sadly, once you realize he is on the sandcrawler that also finds R2-D2, it leaves you just a little more heartbroken for poor Jot.

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