Monday, June 1, 2015

June Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 1: Star Realms (2014)

Star Realms (2014) 

Star Realms is a deck building game where you fight against the other players. Each player can use the cards from any of the four factions, which are signified by a ship or a base (symbol in the upper corner). There are some cards that reward you for using the same faction, but it might also not be beneficial to do so. I do, whole-heartedly, recommend this game to anyone who loves classic deck-building or collectible card games, because you get all the amazing feeling of being collectible without dropping hundreds of dollars. And did I mention. . .it's Sci-Fi? If you followed me last November, you'd know I have a bit of affinity for Sci-Fi games. . . .well. . . Sci-Fi anything, because right now I am in the midst of a Sci-Fi reading frenzy! And with summer break on the horizon, I see a great deal of Sci-Fi in my future, as well as something other adventures.

Also, with it being that time of year where families are traveling, I have to recommend this game. It is small and can be easily transported in a small deck box. It only takes a small table to layout.

Also, with it being that time of year where families are traveling, this game might be dangerous for the competitive family member. I love cards games and deck building games. I typically feel it is one of my stronger suites when it comes to gaming. We have several deck building games in our collection. I mean, seriously. . . what dedicated game collection doesn't? Yet, what I found tonight when I played this with my husband, was that he turned rather bitter rather quickly. This is unusual for him. Bitterness tends to run from me or from something I've said or done. Tonight, I was in the cool zone and he just rained an air grrr the whole time. Made me kind of sad, because, to be honest, I thought he had me. I was just enjoying playing with the different effects (ALLY CHAIN EFFECTS ROCK!).

He even looked up something in the book afterwards and was like, "I would have taken you out a while ago, too, if I had known that." Le sigh. All in good fun is how I felt, but man. . . if you have a competitive family, maybe leave Star Realms at home or have your vacation ruined with animosity.

One of my rockin' chains for 27 points.
Tomorrow is lighter fair as I try to make it through my last full week of school.

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