Sunday, May 31, 2015

June Game-a-Day Challenge

In December I challenged myself to play a different game each day for a month. Now that school is letting out and I have a bit more time on my hands, I wanted to challenge myself to get back into gaming and really exploit my extra free time between family, traveling, and professional development.

Starting tomorrow I will be playing a game a day. I can't say I can guarantee it will be 30 days of different games. In December that was really hard to do, and even moreso right now, because I'm really excited about a few games and feel the need to play them frequently. With that being said, I cannot commit to diversity, but that's okay, because I also have to get my 10x10 and 15x15 challenges done. Summer is the best time for that, for me.

Half of my time in June will be spent traveling, but I'll still get a game in. It'll just be a matter of posting it when I get a chance. Can't wait to get started!

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