Friday, June 5, 2015

June Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 5: Jamaica (2007)

Jamaica (2007)

My husband bought me this game for our Anniversary this year. I had put off playing it for a while, because I actually wasn't sure what the game was and it didn't interest me right off the bat. Once I sat down to play it, though, I was hooked.

Jamaica is a 2-6 player game where you are a pirate who needs to make it around the island, but watch out for pirates! You use dual action cards and you roll the dice to determine the order of the actions you'll take. Each card has two actions you do (a daytime and a nighttime action). When you roll the dice on your turn, you put the dice in the order that you want. Then you follow the order of your actions on your cards, moving or taking materials in the amount determined by the dice.

This is a fun game with a unique mechanic and it really makes it engaging to play.  It is also a gorgeous game! You can arrange each of the different pirate character decks into a panoramic picture of a pirate scene. I can image making a pretty awesome framed picture with those cards.

 I was torn between what to focus on tonight. We started out with Cartagena and the played Jamaica and it turned into a pirate night, so we pulled out Guild Hall: Seven Seas and Mint Tin Pirates. It was fun, but I think my husband has been playing too many games alone. I'm becoming suspicious of his wins. Hmmmm....

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