Thursday, August 1, 2013

My First P&P!!! (or... RPG? or... uh... P2P or... oh goodness....)

I've talked a lot about it here, but we're on vacation in North Carolina. My husband, who has the time, laboriously plans gaming for every second or every minute of the day that he is awake. He has also been cleaning out our garage and going through our bins and bins and bins of possessions that we packed up in 2007. Now that we're settled, for all intents and purposes, he wants to get things organized. While organizing, he found his Marvel Heroes pen and paper game!

Now, I've had a tremendous desire to play an RPG or P&P or something along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. We played HeroQuest a very long time ago. . . I want to say almost 10 years ago. Ray was the dungeon master and made an advanced custom module for the game based on the campaign booklet. You can check out his module here. And that was a mess and a half. We suffered from lack of commitment from members of the campaign. We then were hit with an ultimatum from a bitter, controlling wife. And while I was thrilled with the campaign and my created character and everything we had been through. . . I was denied playing the very last mission. . . I have always felt a lack of fulfillment because of it. Silly, I know, but I was really invested in my character and it was the first time I had ever done something like that! It was so awesome!

(This is just a video that shows you the game and everything and if you bought it and wanted to play it. 
I thought it was pretty good, so I shared it. I'm about visuals.)

Then, over Christmas, The Big Bang Theory gang played Dungeons & Dragons and I almost died. So badly did I want to play. Yet, my husband was being weird about it. He didn't want to play. Oh, there aren't any people to play with. Do you understand how intensive it is? I even tried to look online for places to learn how to play where I could still play but it just might not be in person.  I was being denied at every turn.

(These are just some of the funnier bits, but it's E6:23 - The Love Spell Potential, if you want to find and watch it.)

What a surprise it was when he was developing a campaign for us and his friend with his Marvel Heroes P&P RPG. It was something he used to play as a kid and I was beyond excited to finally be able to play one. Last night was the first night. We had to make our characters so that we could start playing Thursday and continue playing for Friday and Saturday, mixed with other games, of course.

We're using the Players Handbook, Judges Handbook, Ultimate Powers Book, and the Marvel Super Heroes Revised Rule Book.

Ray was very particular. Some things could be rolled for, others we could choose. So I actually used my trusty dice and rolled to choose between an Altered Human and a Mutant. I ended up with Altered Human. Then we rolled for our fighting, agility, strength, endurance, reason, initiative, psyche. My character's health was pretty good and the karma not bad. Then I rolled what Ray wanted to call absurd. I rolled monstrous resources! Oh... my... goodness!!! Now we're in business. And a story started to unfold!

I'll post my backstory when I have it all written up. I've even gone through some name changes. I was Psyberia and I had all these connections, but then a trail of links led me to change her (yes her) name to Psymera. I have a whole explanation for it, but I'll leave it there for now. She has two powers. One I rolled for the category and then was allowed to pick. The other was assigned by the Judge. I have 2, technically 3, talents. The Judge approved the Heir to a Fortune talent. I was then assigned Cybernetic/Bionic and Parapsychology based on the already extensive backstory I had developed while our friend Jim had to muddle through all his mutant ultimate powers. He had alot more rolling and things to do than I did, so I had time. I even have my backstory sketched out on the back of the character paper.

Before the night was over, we also purchased materials, locations, etc. I can't wait for tonight where my character will come to life. I have an incredibly detailed, plausible, and pretty awesome origin and I really can't even begin to explain how absolutely psyched I am.

And so it begins. . . my journey into P&P RPG! YES!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

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