Friday, July 5, 2013

The Problem with Geeking in the Rain

We arrived in Orlando on Friday and it has been an uphill battle the entire time. From my daughter testing her behavioral limits, to sheer exhaustion setting in from the hectic week and travel, to, well. . . Tropical Storm Andrea! How am I supposed to be at my geekiest in Orlando with my mother and my toddler?

Well, forget Universal or the Blue Man Group. Forget being able to just sit by the pool with my Kindle Fire reading. Forget sitting and watching TV or playing games on the internet. What do you do on a budget with a time bomb daughter? Get a two day pass to Sea World and attempt to go to the Everglades for an airboat ride and some gator threats!

One of my geeky moments was my gushing over the 3D 360 degree Turtle Trek at Sea World. See. . . I have issues watching 3D. I can't even begin to explain why. I don't know if its the glasses or what, but I really struggle seeing things in 3D. Always have. No it's not where I sit. I've tried the tricks. For how much you have to pay, you better believe I tried the tricks. It just wasn't happening. I can't see those silly Magic Eye pictures either. Yet, for whatever reason, I was able to see this movie in 3D. The crab grabbing poor me as I'm trying to crawl to the ocean; The dolphins swimming around and the school of fish swimming up from behind me and over. It was awesome! I could see and I even reached out to touch things that passed by, encouraging my daughter to do the same. So did my daughter see it? When she jumped away from the birds and the sharks. . . I knew she was seeing them. And she loved it. So much so that we went both days. It was amazing! I highly recommend it.

Also, at Sea World, I opted to have a geocaching moment. I pulled out my Geocaching app and followed the clues to the virtual cache that was located at one of the rides in Sea World. I fulfilled the requirements, got a picture, and logged my cache! It was kinda cool and I was glad I still had an opportunity to geocache. I was also able to rope my mom and daughter into some geocaching by our hotel on the Fourth of July. It was really fun and it got us out to enjoy what was shaping up to be a beautiful day!

My final geeking moment that I can actually credit to my need-to-nerd was the pool noodle epic battle. My mom and daughter were on the patio and someone had given us some pool noodles (they were leaving and didn't want to take the noodles back with them). And so my mom and daughter were battling with them on the patio and I broke out into Duel of the Fates singing while they battled! Then my daughter started trying to imitate me. My mom didn't get it, but that's okay.

So no love of Harry Potter Wand shopping, Jurassic Park tour, or Beetlejuice Theater. . . not even a little love for Mickey. Luckily, I still had my moments of geek-happiness and couldn't wait to get home to continue on my journey.

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