Monday, December 1, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 1: Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer (2014)

The first game is a favorite of the whole family at my house. It's called Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Slayer is a dice rolling game to earn points. First person to 40 wins.

You are a knight and you must search for and slay the blue, the green, and/or the red dragon. Roll your dice to find the piece of the dragon and then roll an axe to kill the dragon. Watch out for Dragon Breath, which you'll need to deflect with your shield. Too many dragon breath mean you'll lose your knight dice and your defeated dragons won't count.

The game players 2-5 players and takes 15+ minutes to play. It's great for all ages. My daughter, who was 3 when she started playing it, loves it. We took out challenges for her, but she loves to play. So do cheeky elves, named Redic.


  1. Coincidentally, my baby brother (who's 30, now) *just* introduced me to this game over Thanksgiving. So cute, I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before. ^.^ Perfect pick for a Monday night because it plays so fast. My December 1st game was Nika, which also plays fast, but isn't as cute.

    1. I found Dragon Slayer on Kickstarter last year or so. I was browsing games that would have appeal for my kids in my Tabletop Club. So I ordered two copies. The turn around was really quick and I was already offering up demos at some of my local cons. Even my daughter LOVES the game and she teaches it to friends (barring the challenges). I love pulling it out for a quick game and I love how the outcomes are always determined on the luck of the dice. :-)

      Nika looks really interesting! I've added it to my Interested list. Thank you! :-)