Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge

Each day for the month of December, I will play a game. Some of you are probably laughing to yourselves, but I honestly have a hard time making time for gaming during the week. I'm a teacher, afterall, and let's not forget a mother and a wife. All three of these jobs combined essentially eliminate any kind of extra time, but I try to find a way to combine them all together so I can still enjoy my life as a gamer.

That is how December Game-a-Day Challenge began. I wanted to be able to have a little fun during this chaotic time of year that would hold me accountable for playing at least one game everyday. I could play some of them with my students at school. I could play others at home with my husband and daughter. Since they're planned, I could also have my husband prep some of them for me for when I arrive home.

On this blog, I will be posting the games that I play. I have no real rhyme or reason for choosing the games that I have chosen, other than picking lighter fare during the week and more committed games during the weekends. I also wanted to just play whatever I wanted to play, instead of having to showcase certain types of games or theme out the games in any way.

Additionally, I have a Winter Break over Christmas and New Years, so I'll have plenty of time to game and will probably be receiving some new games over the holidays. Did I mention I have a birthday on the 15th? Yep. . . lots of games coming my way this month.

I waffled for a while over doing an Advent Calendar, but when I realized the bulk of my gaming would be done after the Advent Calendar was over, I figured why not go the whole 9 yards! I was, though, turned on to an Advent Calendar Game Challenge on and I am looking forward to a little. . . double-dipping? Or... will I make myself play the game twice in order for it to count. Who knows! I'm feeling a little adventurous this season!

Finally, I wanted to share a graphic I made, inspired by the Space Invader tree that I've seen floating around out there for a while. I made a dice tree! Enjoy!

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