Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 3: Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale (2004)

No dice tonight. Instead I chose a game that my husband introduced to me this past year. I have learned that I LOVE card games. It's the format of games that I find I gravitate the most towards. I do love specific games, but when I started writing reviews, I realized I was primarily writing about card games.

Fairy Tale is a drafting card game. You are drafting cards and looking for matches that will help to amplify your points when matched together. While playing, you try to match up cards to enhance your score. You could collect sets or just pair up to complimentary cards.

Each player starts with 5 cards and you choose the one card you want, then pass the hand. You do this until the cards have all been taken and each person has 5 cards. Then you place your cards one at a time and follow the directions on the card (for flip or unflip or draw cards, etc.). At the end of 4 rounds, the highest scoring points wins the game.

A fast-paced game of strategy and always provides different outcomes. It plays well with 2 players and has gorgeous artwork.



  1. I *love* drafting card games, and this is definitely one of the prettier ones out there. I'm so glad your photo prominently features the children of the dragon card. ^.^

    Day 3 for me was Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Fun, but not half as adorable as a dragon pup.

    1. OOOO!!! I want to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I saw it at GenCon this year and kept circling, in a not-creepy way, people who were playing it. I have it on my list of to-own.

      Fairy Tale is one I like to put on the table when I'm feeling I can get into the intricate dynamics of the cards. Sometimes my mind is shutting down and I need lighter fare, but Fairy Tale is definitely one I enjoy immensely.

  2. Castles of Mad King Ludwig is one of my favorite purchases of the year, so far. There are some similarities to the game Suburbia, but I like it more. It's also one of the few games where I can set aside innate competitiveness; I really am more interested in how everyone's castles will look at the end of the game than I am winning. Aesthetically, the set-up starts off with that imposing, bland grey tower... and then as the castles get built the table starts popping with color. Delightful. ^.^

    And then of course the conversations that arise from decisions people make. "Is that castle entirely gardens and entertainment rooms?" "Pfft, you don't need bedrooms *or* kitchens if you're a plant-human hybrid. I'm just catering to a specific client with my design."