Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 11: Mint Tin Aliens

Mint Tin Aliens (2014)

A while ago I backed this game on Kickstarter. I am always looking for quick games that would definitely appeal to the students in my Tabletop club. So when I backed this, I backed it for 2 copies of each game. Well, David Miller contacted me to compliment my Kickstarter image and I message him back explaining I was a teacher. He then also offered me extra pieces for the copies for my kids in the club. If you have ever extensively played with kids, you know how easy it is to lose pieces, even with the most well-trained gamer. I thought this was above and beyond awesome.

Because of this great experience, I couldn't wait to play the game when I saw it had arrived in my mailbox. I rolled to choose between Pirates and Aliens and Aliens won out!

Mint Tin Aliens is a mini game in a tin with a small set of cards, 3 mini meeples, and two 10-sided dice. The dice are counters for when you cannot play a set of matching cards. The meeples are to earn points for the first and second people to collect full sets of Merit Cards. The game itself is 2 players and a set drafting game to complete goals to earn points. It plays quick but offers enough challenge to play often. The artwork is very nicely done and the cards and meeples are well made.

I am definitely looking forward to sharing this with my kids at school.

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  1. I find myself becoming more and more jealous of your Tabletop Club the more I hear of it. It sounds like you have a ton of fun, and what a great resource/opportunity for the kids! Very cool of Miller to show support by throwing in extra pieces.

    We played Abyss, because my part of my state was having a rainstorm and flood issues on Thursday, so an underwater game seemed appropriate. It's becoming one of my favorite purchases from BGGcon... but as much as I love the pearls-as-money feature, I can see them becoming an issue as far as missing pieces go. At least they'd be easy to replace?