Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 2: Carcassonne - The Dice Game

Carcassonne: The Dice Game (2011)

Carcassonne is exactly what it says it is. . . a dice game. I was given this game at the CGE booth at GenCon 2014 for helping out during a rush and retrieving an item they needed at the checkout for a costumer. It was a very special moment for me... getting a game for free. After that, the free games just kept coming. Mostly the games helped to pad out of my gaming club for my kids. This one, though, was not for them and has stayed in my collection. I might, at some point, take it up to the club. But for now it's my Day 2 game.

You roll the dice. You build some cities and you score points (first to 42 wins). Easy Peasy. It's about as quick a dice game as you can get. A nice quick game on those nights when you have to stay late with kids for Forensics practice, get home and walk, you have your special TV shows to watch that night, and still get in a game. Redic loved it!


  1. Never encountered this one before, but who doesn't love specialized dice and a meeple tin? The elf looks a bit thrilled, like he took the win on this one.

    My day 2 game was Mr. Jack, because a deduction game about Jack the Ripper seemed appropriate for a stormy Tuesday night. Also potentially appropriate for post-forensics practice, for that matter, in a way... o_O

    1. I have Mr. Jack on the top of my want list. I love Letters from White Chapel and I like deduction games. I'm one of those evil people who tries to figure out the twist or the bad guy before it happens in movies and shows.

      I didn't know about this one either and I was surprised when the guy at the booth handed it to me. It was a game that, I think, was part of 10th Anniversary edition of Carcassonne. It was published in a limited run in 2011 and copies are just floating around. I know I saw it around to buy. It's a quick game. My one issue with it is the pictures on the dice, in that they don't line up very well to create little cities and sometimes it makes it hard to see what counts and doesn't.

    2. I'm the same type of person (I will try to guess plot twists in movies from previews and delight when I'm correct). Letters from White Chapel is another favorite of mine, but Mr. Jack hits the table more because it's two player. I also own Mr. Jack: New York and Mr. Jack Pocket, all of which are fun (I think my favorite is New York, due to having different options for escaping the city).

      Yeah, I can see what you mean about the graphic design of the dice just in the picture. It seems like there could have been ways to make that clearer.