Sunday, December 7, 2014

Meet Me at the Table: December Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 7: Ninja Dice

Ninja Dice (2013)

Ninjas are a soft spot for me. Tell me ninja and I'm immediately hooked. That doesn't mean I champion all things ninja, but I do enjoy things that utilize the concept. So when I saw Ninja Dice, I knew we needed to acquire it. Not only was it a dice game, which is something my daughter has been enjoying immensely, but it seemed to be something that would incite a few laughs.

 2-5 players compete to be the greatest ninja warrior. . . without an obstacle course. Players roll house dice to find out what the task is that they have to complete. Then they'll roll skill dice to find out how their ninja is going to complete the task. After three rounds, the player with the most coins wins. Gain coins by defeating the obstacle house. There are many outcomes that could occur, so beware as you embark on your mission.

The first round, you only use 4 house dice, then the second round you use 5 house dice and the third round you use all 6 house dice. By the second and third round you want to try to roll for buffs so you can handle multiple dice with one skill. While you're rolling to achieve the task, the other person is rolling two threat dice (in a more than 2 person game, the other players each role 1 die). These are a little tricky, because the line on the "front" of the dice shows you the area that is affected by the threat. This also applies to your buffs. I know it reads weird, but if you decide to play the game, you'll notice the lines on the dice.

It's worth getting, because it is quick and fun. Also. . . the packaging is about as adorable as it gets. Who wouldn't want a ninja "bag" to store their ninja awesomeness in!

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  1. Would Makoto Nagano approve this game, then? ^_~ Most of the ninja in my life have admittedly been of the turtle variety, but I can make exceptions for insane obstacle courses *and* specialized dice. I like that there are multiple people engaged in rolling, adversary style. That's why Chupacabra: Survive the Night has largely replaced Zombie Dice in our home, but I like a push-your-luck element, so prefer my dice games with plenty of rerolls. This also seems like a great stocking stuffer game.

    Our Sunday game was Command and Colors: Ancients. My Gauls defeated the spouse's Romans, but it was very close. Many little wooden blocks were lost on both sides of the conflict.