Sunday, December 10, 2017

5 Days to Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi Apparel Challenge

I really wanted to make this fleece poncho with a hood for when I go to see The Last Jedi. Now... this has been an ongoing design challenge for me. I am not a semestress. I'm not super into doing sewing, yet shockingly I've been doing a great deal of sewing over the last several years. But I felt confident I could do this, because I had made my mom a fleece-knot poncho a few years ago for when she was going through chemo.

This, though, was not the same type of poncho! I was adding a hood and, oh my goodness, it threw me for a loop! I was sit staring at the fabric and the panels I had made, wondering how the heck I'm going to add this hood.

Finally, today, I had a breakthrough. My poncho is pretty much done, except for some fine-tuning and a few extra knots, and I hand-stithed the hood to ensure it would sit right.

Now... is it perfect? HA! I fail at being a perfectionist, but I am so happy to have this extremely warm hooded poncho (I love hoods). And because I'm proud of essentially be done, I chose it as my apparel for today! YAY!!!

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