Monday, November 27, 2017

When Vader Earns a Parking Spot

I am, sadly, very obnoxious about fandoms. Like... I really can't help it. Call me immature, but the heart wants what the heart wants (I think). So when I meet people who share my fandom, even just a little bit, I become slightly overzealous.

For example, my student teacher and I are secretly staging a Marvel vs. DC battle in the classroom. We are starting out with lanyards and I think we're moving towards amassing tiny hints of the war of the comics. Well... honestly... we're talking it through. We'll see where it goes.

But I don't hide anymore. I can't. If my friend Annie can dress up her whole room with narwhal's, I'm pretty sure I can Star Wars/Marvel/Monkey my classroom as much as I want. Zombies are a bit iffy, but whatever. There is a time and a place.

So there's this one person at work who I've learned also likes Star Wars. To be fair, my coworker one room over loves Star Wars, too, but it's a different dynamic, I think. More like... we're in the process of developing a fandom repartee? Her husband, though, is like hardcore Star Wars. I'm not that intense about my Star Wars fandom. Get me going on The Walking Dead and I can be intense, but Star Wars is a cultural love that I just happen to know a ton about, because I grew up with it.

Digressions... boy do I make them.

So back to this OTHER coworker. I'm probably the epitome of obnoxious, but... well... I feel like I can get away with it? I dunno. I like having someone to share Star Wars with. And they let me be silly. So that's always a bonus in my book, because being silly is what gets me through each day. Without that, I think things are a bit too intense and being silly is an escape for me. I like people who let me be silly and occasionally appreciate it.

Jeez! I didn't know this would turn into this big long thing with so many detours.

Essentially, I have a coworker who I love sharing my love of Star Wars with and I like to be silly about it. When this coworker won the elite staff parking spot for two weeks, I couldn't resist putting up a Vader image over the panther image on the sign. What else would you do before you leave on Thanksgiving break? I couldn't pass up the chance.

Sure, I could have gone farther and replaced Panther with Vader, but I'm impulsive and only made it to REPLACE THE HEAD! When I talked to my coworker, they said they were waiting for the Imperial March to play... Dammit! Why didn't I think of that? Granted, hiding in-between cars to jump out and play it is a bit outside of my silly wheelhouse. I can be elaborate, but that was a bit more than I could make happen.

Suffice to say, I was thrilled with it and I couldn't get over how absolutely cool it looked. I couldn't care less what others said about it, because holy bejeepers, it looked too awesome.

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