Thursday, November 30, 2017

15 Days to Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi Apparel Challenge

OH MY GOODNESS! I was looking through all my folded t-shirts, almost in desperation, trying to find something to wear today. I didn't want to wear one of my newer shirts -- again waiting for closer to the day and I wasn't feeling wearing one of my little shrug-dolman things. So while I was looking, I came across this shirt and I remembered I bought it for writing introductions in Literacy. See, my shirt collection began with purchasing shirts that tied into Literacy in some way or that I could use like that. Then it spiraled into all things geek. Granted, now I use the shirts to build relationships with my students, but still... the fact that I can wear my t-shirts makes me so very, very happy. 

Anyways! I'm hoping this one gets a laugh today from my kids, because they are so cynical about some things and who doesn't like a good Star Wars joke? 

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