Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Joy of Gaming - Artifacts, Inc.

Like most nerds of the 80s, my husband and I love Indiana Jones. As most nerds of the 90s, my husband and I really enjoy Tomb Raider. As nerds of the. . . well. . . the nerds of today, Nathan Drake is also of great interest! All of this lends itself to my interest in Artifacts, Inc., by the designer of  Empires of the Void (2012), Ryan Laukat. 

Set in 1929, you're an archaeologist who has been caught up in the craze! You want artifacts and to go on exciting expeditions to locate these artifacts. Then you want to sell them to the museums to become rich and famous, as well as earning some super valid street cred.

Artifacts, Inc. is a worke/dice placement game that involves dice rolling (expeditions, buying, and selling) and area control (museum cards). It reminded me of a more involved Machi Koro (2012). You really have to play fast and close, because the first person to hit 20 reputation triggers the end game! Draft the cards that will help benefit your goals, but you are only limited to four additional cards to go with your original set of 4. You can only fill a 2x4 grid with your cards, but you can level up most cards with money that you earn selling all your sweet relics.

We played it as a two-player game and it was well developed and even if you feel a little lost at the beginning, things start to make themselves clear. For example, the letters on the cards have meaning! A worthwhile pick with some pretty interesting mechanics, especially if you're into this type of game.

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