Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When Karma Strikes - Dead of Winter

I love Dead of Winter. If you have a chance to get a hold of this game and play with friends (or family), it is so much fun. We finally got to play it with Friend Jim over our trip to visit this past June.

One of the reasons I was so excited to play this particular time, was that it was the first time I would get to play since getting the Tabletop Day 2015 promotional Felicia Day card. Sure, we pick random, dole out the cards, blah blah blah. . . breaking the rules here. . . I demand to have Felicia in my crew. I don't usually do things like that, but, um. . . it's Felicia Day.

So we're playing and things are going well. Very interesting activities and strategies, etc. Then it's my turn. My husband draws my Crossroads card and I'm starting my search.


Awe crap. . . what happened?  *SPOILER - CARD TEXT BELOW!* Um. . . this whole bit is a spoiler to this particular card. Please forgive me.

Ok. . . so. . . um. . . right. Kill the horse. Keep the horse. First and foremost, I did the honorable thing and said, "What would Felicia do?" DUH! KEEP THE HORSE! When I announced I wanted to keep the horse, knowing we would lose an additional food each turn (our goal was to have X-amount of food at the end), but also knowing that I couldn't kill a horse. . . I received contradictory opinions from my companions.

Now. . . we'd get 3 food for killing the horse. We really needed that food. We'd lose 1 additional food each turn if we kept the horse, but I wouldn't have to roll for exposure. I battled this. . . I know it's just a game, but these moral choices are played in the game for a reason. What does it really say about you when you make that choice?

I was really battling with this decision. Finally, I said. . . kill the horse. . . add three food. . . it will help us all. I apologized to the horse.

As we were tying up the Crossroads card, I said this game is all about Karma! It is so going to come back to hurt me. . .

I still had to roll for exposure. . . and as I rolled. . . having made that clandestine statement. . . I died.

Karma. . .

I couldn't help it. . . I actually cried. Tears. . . so many tears. Not big, whiny baby crying. . . just. . . the tears poured out my eyes and I clammed up. Devastated. Karma.

The trauma of the moment is still with me. My husband mocks my tears. Our friend inwardly giggles (I KNOW IT). But seriously. . . Dead of Winter is a karmic game. . . do not choose wrong, for it will come back to bite you. . . literally!

So if you see me at GenCon. . . you'll know the story behind my Felicia Day Dead of Winter Cosplay. In honor of. . . the horse.

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