Monday, July 13, 2015

Cowfish - Where Have You Been All My Life

If you know me, you know I have an absolute addiction to sushi. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be sushi.

No, do NOT try to stick me on a deserted island and say I should eat raw fish the rest of my life. That is so NOT what I mean. I love the diversity of the sushi roll. So when I say I could eat only sushi for the rest of my life, that means hand me the sushi menu to choose from.

Whenever I see the word sushi on a sign, I feel compelled to yell it out. Announcing the option of sushi eating is a requirement. So when I was at Universal Studios Orlando with my husband, 4yo daughter, and my mother, I couldn't not loudly announce sushi and burgers as we walked by this place called The Cowfish. I'm assuming my mom didn't hear the word burger and immediately turned her nose up at the word sushi and we all continued walking out of the park for the day. Not, though, without snapping this adorable little picture.

I had never heard of the place before. Imagine my surprise when we arrived in Raleigh and Friend Jim said we should go there for dinner, since it had sushi and burgers. I was like, "wait a second. . . that's the place my daughter took this picture at!"

As if kismet had just occurred, we waited a good hour in Raleigh to go to this place. Anxiety rush, for me, but I tried to keep things in check. I was also battling some incredible travel pain, so the experience had the potential to go downhill quickly, regardless of sushi being involved.

While we waited, we brought up the menu on our phones. What is... this? Burgushi? Are you just making up words now? Apparently they not only create epic burgers and stupefying sushi, but they have combined and flip-flopped the two. Making sushi out of burger ingredients and burgers out of sushi ingredients.

Please reread that to clarify your befuddlement. Yes. . . sushi burgers and burger sushi!

Finally seated, my husband and I started to go into foodie overload. . . what is this marvelous thing that has been placed in front of us? From some sort of otherworldly place that is beyond comprehension! We must tactfully select our entrees and app. . . "Yes, we'll have the Parmesan Bacon Truffle Fries!" That was Friend Jim ordering the appetizer before it can even be considered! Holy crap! Ok. . . ok. . . just look at the menu.

I ordered a drink and the fries arrived. ::drool::

I. . . I still think that these fries were a figment of my dreams, but I had a picture to prove it. Savory deliciousness.

Feeling way too splurgy, I ordered a sushi roll and then my husband and I order one of each kind of Burgushi; meaning he ordered a sushi burger and I ordered a burger sushi. The lady taking our order seemed a little taken aback by the quantity of food that was just requested, but we were like "nope, bring it. Carpe Diem Bitches!" Ok. . . we didn't actually say Carpe Diem Bitches, but that would have been pretty awesome.

What we received after a medium wait was. . . literally to die for. . .

The 4-S (Sear-iously Sensational Sushi Sandwich)  
Seared Koji marinated tuna and yellowtail, Asian slaw, red peppers, daikon sprouts, cucumber, served on grilled spring roll wrapper “buns” filled with kani and sushi rice.

Doug’s Filet Roll
Avocado, kani, cream cheese inside, topped with thin slices of seared filet mignon, spicy mayo, scallions, masago. 

Dion's OMG! Roll  
Tempura coconut shrimp, kani, English cucumber inside, coated in tempura flakes. Topped with fresh mango, avocado, spicy honey marmalade and coconut flakes

Once it was gone. . . I think tears might have actually been shed. To say the least, if it weren't for the price, we would have gone back there so many times. . . so many, many times. . . Even sadder. . . we do not live in Raleigh, Charlotte, or Orlando. . . I loved this place so much, I actually tried to look into how to get one of these places up here in Wisconsin.

So let me just say this. . . if you are near a Cowfish. . . go there and experience Nirvana in your mouth! I still have sweet dreams of these succulent victuals.

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