Sunday, August 10, 2014

My First Cosplay - For GenCon

This is my first year going to GenCon. I don't really do a lot of costumes or dressing up. I'll be honest. . . it's insecurity over my body-type. How I want to dress, just wouldn't work out for my body and instead of it being a super positive experience, I feel it would become negative and could potentially be self-destructive to my psyche.

BUT. . . I've found some modicum of confidence and I've had fun in my classroom dressing up as an aviator, a Bard, a yoga instructor, and even dressed up with my co-workers as a Taco Sauce Packet for our Let's Make a Deal assembly.

As we were registering for some events a GenCon, I was able to get my husband to sign up to play Nuns on the Run with me. I have a severe addiction to all things nun (ask me about my Masters and PhD. . . I dare you). Once we had registered, I knew I needed to dress up like a nun to play Nuns on the Run.

I also really LOVE Steampunk fashion. Once again, something I let my weight hinder my love of. But I made my first valiant attempt to create a unique looking nun that I can build on throughout the year, instead of with a limited budget and with only four months to get it all together. With some tips from some twitter friends and family friends, I put this together and I will be wearing it at GenCon on Friday, August 15 to Nuns on the Run at 10:00AM.

Items that are part of the outfit:
Perfect V-Neck Tee - Black
Black eVogues Sheer Crochet Lace Poncho Top
White HDE Womens Jersey Long Infinity Loop Scarf
White Roll-Waist Linen Pants
Brown Faux Leather Floral Interlock Buckle Belt
Dirty Laundry Women's Showstopper Motorcycle Boot
Octopus under sea ocean long chain sweater necklace
Brass Cross Ring
Cthulu Ring
Ladies Steampunk Bracers
Vintage Oversized Cross
Long Cross Necklace
Wrought Iron Jailers Keys

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