Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day

I totally raved about this before today, but Turkey Day is back for a special 2013 streaming YouTube LIVE EVENT! Joel Hodgson hosted an MST3K Marathon. Between classic ep sodes of MST3K a real live Joel had all sorts of fun bumpers of flashbacks, tearful moments, and new hilarious moments.

But before I ever even got to sit down and cross my fingers for some Wi-Fi at our Meal-Time-Destination. . . my daughter and I participated in the 6th Annual Festival Turkey Trot in Oshkosh. Yes, yes, the 2 mile walk, but what could be better to work up an appetite than walking two miles in 20 degree weather with snow flurries all around and dogs pooping even couple of feet?!?! It was a great time for me and my daughter. We even had our matching turkey hats and our matching Turkey Trot shirts. We had a ball.

And what trot-type-activity would be complete without a stop over at Starbucks on our way down to Milwaukee? Some tea and hot chocolate were just what the weather ordered and kept  us going for the two hour drive to our friend's house.

Once we arrived we had all sorts of issues trying to get on to watch the MST3K Turkey Day. Not that there was anything wrong with their broadcasting, it was all of our equipment and location and all that. I got on through my phone for a little while and watched a little bit of the first movie. Then we were at the mercy of the Packers vs. Lions game. . . and the epicness of the Packer loss.

We tried again a little later to watch, but we were having youtube issues on our kindle device. When we finally arrived home, at the end of a long day we got to sit down and watch the live streaming of Turkey Day. And it was amazing! Joel is always such a breath of freshair and is such a talented individual. He has such a knack for coming up with hilarious comedy that somehow resonates in a positively meaningful way.  Joel was able to do that with his return to MST3K hosting. Especially so with the ending. . .where we got to see Crow and Tom return to feast with Joel and we were serenaded with A Patrick Swayze Christmas. Here was the schedule for the episodes if you feel compelled to recreate the day:
  1. Space Mutiny
  2. I Accuse My Parents
  3. Werewolf
  4. Cave Dwellers
  5. The Final Sacrifice
  6. Mitchell
I hope they do this again some year. This was incredibly awesome and I was glad to also be able to watch the clips and break out the movie when I couldn't finish watching them streaming. Here's a compilation of the host segments from this very special Turkey Day presentation.  Enjoy!

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