Saturday, November 9, 2019

November 2019 Thankfulness List - Day 9

This seems simple enough, right? Clothes? Like... duh woman! Clothing is REALLY important. But I like to look at it differently. See, my daughter is 9-years-old. She is growing every single minute of every single day. Keeping her in fitting clothes is hard work. It's also expensive, because our society has decided that clothes aren't cheap! Sometimes we have too many clothes for her and she can't wear all of them. Sometimes she has a growth spurt and we don't have enough clothes. And even more times she needs specific clothes or acting or school performances or dress up weeks and we need to get those things. And let's not forget shoes... and winter wear... oh goodness... just all the things!

I'm really thankful that we are able to keep up with this constant cycle of clothing for kids. My mother-in-law and my mother are so helpful with buying her clothes when they see things they think would be good for her. My mother-in-law mails boxes to us. My mom just gives her the clothes when she visits. Whenever we are strapped and need something, they are there to help. While it seems like I'm thankful for them, that'll be a future entry, but for now... today... I am thankful for the giant box of clothes that appeared on our doorstep from the clothes fairy.

Then, of course, I appreciate my clothes, but... well... I wish I could be thankful for my body, because my clothes are the bane of my existence when my body doesn't want to work right. But I am so glad I can dress the way I want at work and that I can get exciting and nerdy shirts.  I'm also so thankful that my husband wears nerdy shirts now, too. He looks so good in his t-shirts.

Ok... ok... this is going down a really uber thankful tangent. The long and short of this is that I am thankful for the clothes we can afford and the clothes that we are given, because having the right kinds of clothes makes life so much easier.

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