Sunday, February 1, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 1: Geeky Favorites

My house over at my favorite geeky girl site is doing a 28 Days of Lists challenge. Every day post a list. There's no specific amount listed (5 is always good.... or my favorite numbers 3, 9, or 15).  I just wanted to be able to have some fun with this and keep myself feeling awesome.

So let's start with Day 1: Geeky Favorites

1. Tabletop Games

Can't really explain much about this, because it's very self-explanatory. Here's the picture

2. The Walking Dead (Zombies)

I seriously am in love with The Walking Dead. I have delved into both the comics and the television show. My husband and I are just addicted to the show. One of my students last year watched it and whenever we see each other now, it's "did you see that last episode!" "OH I KNOW!" Good times. Plus it goes into my enjoyment of things zombies.

3. Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

I really liked the books when I was a youth, but I LOVE the movies and the visual-style of it. What I consider my past-long-forgotten was in the film industry, so I love film and I am a sucker for cinematography. I love the framing of scenes and lighting and color. The pallet of the 16:9. But I also love quotes from the books and so much of the culture. It's a package deal.

4. Stephen King

I think out of all of these, I have been a Stephen King fan since way back in middle school. I remember actually reading Eyes of the Dragon as my first Stephen King book and then as I got older, I started reading more and more of his books. I don't remember why, but something connected with King in my childhood always made it feel like a shameful read. Maybe it was my private Lutheran school or something adults said or something. I don't know, but I love everything Stephen King and I am definitely a super fan. I mean, seriously, I was reading Anne Rice and those YA R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike. I guess I get that Stephen King was going to be so much more graphic in his writing than the YA novels, but still.... all well.  "Go then. . . there are other worlds than these." ~ The Gunslinger

5. Supernatural

My husband and I are super geeks for Supernatural. We love the characters, the stories, the seriousness, the silliness and Castiel and Crowley. We like the whole kit-and-kaboodle. Good stuff.

6. Pins (pinbacks, buttons, whatever)

I collect pins. I've always collected pins. I LOVE pins. Even when I was a little kid, I had to have pins that I could pin all over the place I am a relentless collector of pins. What always breaks my heart about pins is that they fall off. That's hard for me, because I cherish them and want to show them off, but I am too scared to lose them. I am also an avid collector of Hard Rock Cafe pins. If you live near a Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world, think of me and grab a local pin.

7. Cups

Not just any cups. . . those tall plastic tumbler cups with the plastic straws. I have a geek collection of these and it's starting to drive my husband nuts, because we're running out of room. I use these the most in the summer, because I start making my green tea drink and have to put it in something. I have so many of my fandoms in the cups. Good stuff.

8. T-Shirts

I am a t-shirt freak. No, seriously. . . another thing I have way too many of. I use them for teaching or just expressing my love of geek. I am in love with t-shirts. They are my favorite thing to wear and, well. . . I like to let the world know stuff when they look at me other than "hey, look... an awkward girl!" Good times. I love Woot!shirt, SnorgTees, and TeeFury. TeeVillian is another one that I've found some great shirts on. I've been trying to get at least one for each of my fandoms.

9. Sci-Fi

Yeah, I love Science Fiction. It's my favorite thing to read. It's usually my preferred movie genre between Fantasy and Sci-Fi. It's also the thing that I have the longest history with. I read Ender's Game and was totally hooked. I even have Ender engraved on the inside of my class ring. I love Star Wars and Star Trek and Asimov and Futurama. It's kind of my go-to and I love it!

I'll stop with 9 today for this list. Kind of got carried away, but I don't know exactly what means Geeky Favorites... I have so many.

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