Thursday, February 5, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 5: Fears

Day 5 is Fears. . . and I have a few I can share, but some are too personal and I don't want trolls to take advantage of my honesty. So if I had to face my fearscape in Divergent, what would I face. . .

1. Falling

This has been mistaken for a fear of heights, but it's really just unstable heights. I don't fear the height, I fear the giving away of what I stand on to cause me to fall! I LOVE the heights. . . Eiffel Tower included, but when I can see through the floor, it sends me into a meltdown. I rise above it, though, because the experience and the memory far outweigh the silly mind games.

2. The Unseen

I don't fear ghosts, but I have such an active imagination that I can actually scare myself by creating the things unseen. So when I was 18, it was The Blair Witch. Even after I knew it was a hoax, it didn't change the fear that something was there. Something was watching. I can't say I'm fearless when I'm hunting what I fear, but there it is. Let's just call it the unseen.

3. People I Don't Know/Unfamiliar Situations

Like with falling, it's one of those fears I deal with and get over, but I actually develop a severe anxiety when meeting with strangers. Whether it's going to a party or participating in something public or an event. . . if I don't know the people there, it really creates a huge build up of anxiety, which is clearly directed from fear. I can become uncomfortable an agitated, as well, and that never goes over well.

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