Monday, February 2, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 2: Who Inspires Me

Day 2 is Who Inspires Me. This one is a bit rough, because I get it all depends.

1. Family

My grandfather was a huge inspiration in my life and helped me to realize my passions. I also share my love of Peter Pan and Dr. Strangelove with him. He also showed me how easy it is to cook and kind of inspired me to be more creative in my food choices, exposing me to flavor combinations I'd never heard of in my youth. He was always my biggest influence and when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's it was devastating. Even moreso, because I found out after his mind had already drifted a bit too far into the void. It was during my traveling and moving days. Other family has been inspirational to me and I love them for all that they expose me to and help me through.

2. My Husband

His ability to deal with the world and be so calm about things is really inspirational to me. Plus his ability to put up with me. ;-)

3. Felicia Day

She really did help me come out of the geek closet. She gave me that touchstone to help me realize what I was holding back my whole life. What I was denying of myself. I felt if someone this amazing was a geek and had no problem being open about it, why was I not being open about my own self? My first entry on here about finding myself talks all about how she inspired me.

4. My daughter

Her ability to be so sweet and innocent and so caring about everyone. . . I wish I could still be like that and my hope for her is to never have to feel the pain of life that I've felt. She inspires me to continue to find myself and bring back and rebuild the me that has been so damaged.

5. My Iggles

Yeah, my girls. They always lift me up and might not even know it. Love them to bits and pieces and how they are so happy about life. Love 'em!

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