Tuesday, February 3, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 3: Things I Would Tell My Teen Self

Day 3 is things I would tell my teen self. . . and that's a tough one, but here I go. . .

1. Don't Graduate Early

You need your senior year to develop who you are as an individual and to learn some of the skills that you're going to miss when you start college. Don't try to get a year ahead, because it's really only going to put you years behind.


I didn't know how to identify myself and it made it very difficult for me, but I was a geek and I was too scared to join the groups that would really have shown me who I was. Even when I met my husband, you didn't term yourself things like that, but that's exactly what we were. I wish I had found D&D and all that, but that's my advice #3.

3. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are not BAD things!

Don't let my parents distaste for the books your brother read and his playacting derail what you really enjoyed. I know you want your parents love, but you know deep down that you love these things, too. Don't let him stand alone. It was his friends who made it weird. That doesn't mean it's all weird. Don't hide your love X-Files, enhance it with some Star Trek: TNG.

4. Listen to your Forensics Coach

If I had forced myself to be more dedicated to my forensics, I could have gone far, instead of screwing around acting like I knew it all already. At least I went out on a bang with my Dead Poet's Society piece.

5. Seriously. . . stay away from the car. 

People used you and you abused the car. Slow down and be responsible.

6. Be forceful about your boyfriend's sister.

Tell him it's kind of a make-it-or-break-it deal here. She is poison and will seek to create nothing to terrible drama and issues for us because you let her!

7. Stop having roommates.

No, seriously. . . they are nothing but trouble and even the ones you think are nice will turn on you in the end for some petty reason or anything. You're better off living alone. Hell, just get your own apartment off campus so you don't have tons of issues period!

8. Be proud of being you.

Don't let others dictate to you who you are and what you can or cannot be like. It will only drive you mad trying to please everyone, because there's nothing to show for all the traumatic effort you put into it.

9. Go All In 

That guy you're dating. . . he's the one and will love you for a very long time. You'll have the most amazing daughter ever and he'll be the biggest support you've ever had through everything you ever do. You've found your soulmate. Have no regrets, only love.

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