Wednesday, February 4, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 4: Geek Girl Power

Day 4 is Geek Girl Power and I wasn't sure what to do with this, so I just tried to think of geeky power.

1. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Um. . . seriously made me feel empowered as a geeky woman.

2. Felicia Day from . . . well. . . the internet

LOVE HER! Seriously representing and giving geek women a voice in geekdom. There are tons of other women, too, but Day really helped bring it out, I think.


Is that cheating? I hope not! GO GEEK GIRLS!

4. Rachel Maddow

Talk about a news nerd! She is so awesome and just really lets her passion for news and entertaining show. Like a female Jon Stewart. Love her to pieces.

5. Michonne from The Walking Dead

Well centered, well-meaning, tough, and just an all around bad-ass. If I survive the Zombie Apocalypse, I want to be like Michonne. For all her losses, she rises again and moves forward being strong, contemplative, and caring. The sword doesn't hurt.

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